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Originally Posted by biggynuts01 View Post
KW CS are on there way from the Netherlands! Should be in the States by the end of the month.
So it was your set that arrived at BaanVelgen...

Mine is supposedly arriving in Hendrik's hands today... hopefully he can ship them bad boys out right away!

Originally Posted by driftflo View Post
i received mine a few days ago :-)

i already have three other bmw cars equipped with kw clubsports and am pretty happy with them.
it is the same hardware as fitted to the gts and crt cars... although the clubsport is a little more hardcore concerning the setup.

more pics of the M3 kw clubsport here:

i hope i'll find time to install it soon!
FYI the GTS setup is not a straight-up KW Clubsport swap if I havent mistakenly understood your comment.. Theres another thread in this section regarding this topic discussed in length by Richard@M-World

Did you also get these from Hendrki@BaanVelgen?

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