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Originally Posted by OG Shark View Post
Oh I have no doubt that Miata is very, very fast. I like the crazy aero setups on some of those cars - the front end on that one reminded me of the brooms hanging out of a sweeper. And yeah power is a huge neutralizer at COTA, definitely nice to have out there. I think after a couple of laps out there you will pick up on the flow of the track - I really like the rhythm of 2 through 11. The back straight is a bit long but then 12 through 15 wake you back up from that long break down the straight. 16 through 18 (the carousel) ought to be interesting if they were able to smooth out the bump near the apex exit of 18. 19 is typically my everest out there - my tendency is to over slow & not get the weight back on the rear. Nice thing about COTA is there is ample run off so you are typically ok if you need to open the steering up. I like to think of COTA as three big rhythm sections with a couple of drag strips mixed in. I know its not the favorite for a lot of people but I really enjoy it. Might be a sentimental thing though since that is mainly where I cut my teeth.
It's fun to see the insane builds at a time attack competition. They do some crazy stuff. The Miatas can look really crazy. My car looks totally boring by the awards ceremony in November, the announcer called me up to the podium saying, "In 3rd place, in the family sedan....." There's just no love in the world.....

I think I have the layout of the track in my head now. Lots of interesting challenges.

Really eager to see how my car feels out there!