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Originally Posted by SAMM3Y View Post
Great now they can get destroyed again...

The original felt piece is suspended and made to withstand a few bumps and damage from parking curbs. It's also an integral part of the oil cooling system. The reason the majority of people in the thread your referencing said toss it and start with an aluminum one is because it's a far more robust design that doesn't hang so low and resistant to damage. It's a solution to the problem.. I guess it's tough to recognize that though up there on your soap box.. 😂
Ya mean to tell me that I have other options? Ground breaking stuff here, thanks for your input.

Again buying new panels sort of defeats the purpose of fixing the old ones doesn't it? Which is the entire point of this post. You can fix them without paying $700 for a piece of aluminum that has a slight bend in it and some holes cut out. Its not about the money though its the principal.

"But you'll just break it again" My car is a 2011 and the panel has lasted 9 years so I fixed it like new and it will last another 9 years.

Yes the aluminum panel sits up higher but what would happen if you hit a curb or a parking block with it installed? you'd surely do more damage opposed to the OEM. the OEM part is sacrificial and will break, bend or twist long before anything else. yet again not the point.

I also disagree with the importance that this part plays in oil cooling. It to me appears to simply help the air escape after smashing into the radiator. The from bumper cover is far more important then these plastic pieces. But again not the point. I would bet you can run your car as usual without the panels and not notice any difference.