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Originally Posted by OG Shark View Post
Looks like you had that track sweeper in the background pretty well gapped!
haha! It's time attack. You can never really judge what's going on in a picture like that. The Miata behind me is Ryan Passey. Great driver and a super crazy Miata build. When looking at personal bests, he's 0.4 sec faster than me at Buttonwillow. In November at SLB, I drove 0.03 sec faster than him. Buuuuut, he chooses to run in Limited Class on 100TW tires. I'm on slicks. hehe that Miata is formidable. Interestingly, he ran at SLB COTA last year and did a 2:23 in his Miata. I saw a post on some forum where he said that COTA was a big neutralizer for his car. Being light was only so effective at COTA. He was starving for more power.

Originally Posted by OG Shark View Post
Sounds like the makings of a potentially pretty epic road trip you guys are getting ready to go on!

COTA is a bit funky but I really enjoy it. Traffic can get a little annoying at times but Chin usually has a pretty decent flow out there. I think sub 2:20 is within reach for you if the weather cooperates. One thing to keep in mind though is that this looks to be the first event after they finish their repairs. Going to be multiple fresh asphalt patches on the track so might have some varying grip levels. Might really be interesting if it gets wet.

We are heading out there for at least that Saturday with Chin. Want to check out the track conditions after the repairs & need as much testing time as I can get before the SCCA races out there the next weekend. Feel free to give me a holler if you need anything.
Glad to hear that you'll be at the Chin event! I look forward to seeing ya out there! And I appreciate the offer to help.

I'm not worried about lap times at the Chin event. My goal is to get a sense of the track, push the car around and try to find some limits that weekend. COTA is definitely tricky.

Yeah, if we do the whole trip to the East coast, it would be amazing. We'll see.