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Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
This is amazing.

Apologies if I've overlooked somewhere in the 68 pages -- what's your current mileage? VF620 with rod bearing service, anything else? Original box?

I'm pondering round 2 with my E90 as a street + track car (after going back to stock). 65k miles. But powertrain concerns. DCT was beginning to give me some concern here and there on track. Have changed fluid since.

I think the mileage is around 56000 now. I don't really do things based on miles anymore. It's more about how much usage we think a part or fluid has endured and then we make decisions about maintenance or replacement. Supercharger went on at 14000. All track days have been done with the supercharger.

Regarding things done directly to the engine-----rod bearings......and that's it. I change spark plugs on a regular basis long before they are "needed" to be swapped. I keep replacing air filters on a regular basis. Engine oil never sees more than 4 track days. It comes out looking like new.

My approach at this point with the engine is that I am not touching anything on the inside beyond rod bearings until something gets damaged/ruined/blows up, or we somehow know for sure that something catastrophic is imminent. It's been so reliable for 8 years. Opening up an engine is $15k.

The DCT transmission fluid pan has been replaced with a Slon Workshop pan. And the DCT cooler replaced with the do88 cooler. These REALLY helped with my shifting issues. 98% of them are gone. So happy with those products---especially the Slon pan. I got it on a group buy, but now I'm not sure of the status of the vendor on the forum. You can reach directly out to the vendor. He's in Russia.

Other than that, the transmission is original stock, the engine internals are stock.

I don't understand what you're asking when say "Original box". What are you asking there?

(I also have a 2009 E92 M3 DCT that has 90000 miles on it. It's mainly a street car, but I take it to tracks occasionally here in CO for fun. Does fine. The transmission starts to lag on shifting when it gets hot. I can push it pretty hard because it has JRZ suspension and an old AP Racing BBK and a set of DH scrubs. But the car has been fine. Probably going to replace the rod bearings in that car because I don't think they've been done. I think I'm the 3rd owner of the E92. Got it with 71k miles on it.)

btw, ALL mods to the car are listed on the first post of the whole thread.