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Exclamation e92 M3 Video - Engine Light* sparkplugs/coils/thermostat/airfilter/idlerpulley

After a morning at a Cars&coffee Meet, Car goes into Limp mode, then after an engine restart, car goes into service engine soon. Car ECU says emissions related. Being far from home, I decide to go into a nearby BMW shop
150 dollars inspection later, I have a $3600 bill for fixing engine errors and recommended services.

Being mechanically inclined and having a mechanic friend, I decide to do work myself.
Codes(using Creader Pro CRP123): p0307, p0308, p0300, p0155

Misfire codes & O2 Sensor Bank2 sensor1

Decided to do some maintenance :
4/8 coils
idlerpulley(making noises)
Both Drive belts
Active Autowerke air filter
- still need to do O2 sensor

Engine limp mode and misfire codes reappear at times(usually at long idles)
O2 sensor should fix all this...i hope

Here is all this work being done in a video with cinematic approach
This is not a DIY video, but ill gladly help with any questions.

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