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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I don't recall reading a post that suggested the M should start @ $35k. I do think that for what BMW is offering, it shoudn't be above, or much above $60k.

As far as the 997S; yes you can break $100k, but if so you're adding a lot of toys. For comparison sake, I kept the MSRP @ $92k because it's really not fair to add things like: Sport Adaptive Seats, PCCBs, Full Leather or other beautiful but overpriced options. And, it's certainly not fair to add $7k in cf. A well equipped 997S is about $92. For that price you get everything needed for an apple to apple comparo. I.E. Sport Chrono, Full Power Seats, Bose, Heated Seats, and a few other modestly priced goodies. In other words, you're not missing out on anything for performance, comfort and/or resale.

And, if someone is pricing a non S 997 over $100k in the states, they have more problems with their head than trying to decide on a car!

The median price for the 997S is what I quoted. And, being that the 997's have been out for a little bit, getting $5-7k off MSRP is not a problem. So, the $ disparity lessens.
1) 35k was me attenpting to make sarcastic joke. 2) Your not comparing apples to apples when the base price is a diffrence of 20k. 3) You shouldn't compare the 2 cars, if I want a 911 then I should not be considering an M3 and viceversa.