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Originally Posted by drft92 View Post
+1 A 997 c2 (non s) fully loaded from the dealer breaks 100k granted cf can run you 7k all in itself. Never the less when looking at vehicles such as and not limited to the M3, RS4, CLK 63, Skyline gtr, 997 GT3/tt/GT2 etc. Price should really be the last concern. Driveability, trackability and your general needs as driver should be the catalysts of your descision. Surely not whether the base will be 55k or 62k. Most of you guys are correct though, BMW should base the new M3 at 35k. <----What could they possibly be thinking of actually trying to turn a profit. Stupid Corporation. Get real people look at the leaps and bounds the M division has done with the new 3.

I don't recall reading a post that suggested the M should start @ $35k. I do think that for what BMW is offering, it shoudn't be above, or much above $60k.

As far as the 997S; yes you can break $100k, but if so you're adding a lot of toys. For comparison sake, I kept the MSRP @ $92k because it's really not fair to add things like: Sport Adaptive Seats, PCCBs, Full Leather or other beautiful but overpriced options. And, it's certainly not fair to add $7k in cf. A well equipped 997S is about $92. For that price you get everything needed for an apple to apple comparo. I.E. Sport Chrono, Full Power Seats, Bose, Heated Seats, and a few other modestly priced goodies. In other words, you're not missing out on anything for performance, comfort and/or resale.

And, if someone is pricing a non S 997 over $100k in the states, they have more problems with their head than trying to decide on a car!

The median price for the 997S is what I quoted. And, being that the 997's have been out for a little bit, getting $5-7k off MSRP is not a problem. So, the $ disparity lessens.