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Originally Posted by JohnnyRoaster View Post
I was also looking at the Yukon Denali Hybrid. Price seems a bit high but gonna see what kind of offer they have. Do you have one?
The Tahoe/Yukon Hybrids will be discontinued for the 2014 MY and won't be coming back when they are redesigned next year. Not sure when production will end for the 2013 MY for the full size SUV's.

Originally Posted by 631twentyeighteye View Post
Ah I didn't read close enough i see. I would put my vote towards anything NOT general motors. My family's owned GM since the 80's, and in the mid-late 90's GM went to shit. Our current GM is an 04 avalanche, tranny went out at 130k(highway mostly), waterpump not short after, and then millions of little shits and giggles as well. While it's been a solid overall car, they cheaped out on too many things. I'll never buy a government motors car in my lifetime.
Complaining that the transmission went out at 130,000 miles? That's not bad. My brothers E46 330xi has had a lot more go wrong and it is at around the same mileage when the transmission blew.... Parts wear out at around there. If the transmission was the biggest failure, I wouldn't complain too much. The smaller failures can be annoying though.....

My family has owned 4 GM's( with a 5th on order right now and 6 when my dad trades in the 335xi for the ATS). All have been solid. '96 Suburban, '02 Suburban, '06 Equinox( being traded in for a '13 Equinox that should be in June), and my '07 Saturn Aura. No major problems. Had a bad rear driveshaft replaced under warranty on the 'Nox, but no other issues with it. My Aura had a few minor first model year glitches, but solid as well. We have had nothing, but good experiences with GM.