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Originally Posted by bnombe View Post
Production # is good for the 1-800 #; in fact, they ask if I have the production # every time and I just tell them I have the VIN. They then ask for the last 7 digit of the VIN - I suspect that is identical to the production #

I actually never got my production number... I was patient enough (in reality just been way too busy) and didn't try to track until couple weeks ago. I ended up getting the VIN from my sale rep after finding out on forums that I can call BMW Canada up for status.

So today I called again and the service rep told me the car finished production (which I knew 2 days ago) and is on its way to the shipping port; that's good news because 2 days ago it was done production but not yet shipped

He said that's the furthest his office can track. So I suppose from this point on, it is the WW shipping site I will focus doing the search daily... I should (unless some are right that my car doesn't get shipped via WW) soon see my car (VIN) in search result with exactly which ship it is on and its voyage schedule. From that I should at least know when it will arrive in Halifax... then I will have to give up tracking because I haven't found out from anywhere to track the rail portion... hmm... a coworker of mine has a friend working at a logistics place that may be able to...

So I notice in your siggy... yours is a MY13? Mine is MY12... any actual difference between 12 and 13???
No difference at all.

Production of model year 2013 starts in July. I will get a new model year but you should get (year end clearance) rebates on your car when it arrives. I think there's at least 3.5 K to date? Maybe more when your car arrives.

There were rumors of an upgraded competition package but it never materialized.
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