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Originally Posted by bnombe View Post
I am making progress tracking my car. I decided to jack this thread and use it to document how I track my Canada order since most of the other tracking threads are US focused.

For Canada order, there is no BMW Owner Circle site to use. Have to call BMW Canada 1-800# to get a service rep.

Tell him/her you want to get status on your order, they are happy to do it. Just a quick search on their system using the last 7 digit of VIN.

As of today, the rep confirmed my car is done production, but not yet shipped. At least now I can picture my car being a finished car!!

Knowing that my car isn't shipped yet, I am still curious about the WW site search. So I went there and punched in the VIN in the Cargo ID field. I used the first 14-digit plus %. Currently that search actually comes back with one result: another BMW M3 coupe (I used a VIN decoder on it) with only the last 2-digit in VIN different than mine!!!

That car is now at port waiting for the ship to arrive to load; that ship is scheduled to leave port on 29th. I am hoping that my car gets shipped and will make it on this same ship and start its journey at sea this Friday!

So my next step from this point is to call BMW Canada every day to see if it's shipped from factory. Also to do the search on WW site to find out if my car makes it to the ship and can get the shipping route timeline to know when it is expected to reach Halifax, Canada.

Yes, I have got obsessed with tracking my car...
Hey, thanks for documenting your experiences. I had heard it was not possible to track Canadian orders so thought I wouldn't bother trying and then get frustrated. But your post has given me hope.

I think I will start harassing that 1-800 number at least once a week soon. My car's scheduled production week is still a bit far off (week 30, thus end of July) for daily harassment, but I'm sure I'll get to that point as well.

Did you need the VIN when you first called? I have the production number, but I didn't ask (nor get) a VIN yet.
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