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I purchased this car from a customer who had it painted...was originally Cosmos Black. It was fully disassembled and painted. I bought the car to flip but once I pulled the tint off, got the 'knight rider' style all black tail lamps fixed up and cleaned it up, it really grew on me. PY is a cool color but has always looked a little weird...kind of dates the older generation cars. We've see a few E46s and even had a couple MZ3s in my shop in PY....never been all that nice. This thing is a whole different story though. It looks outstanding. Believe it or not, the interior absolutely works on this car in person. Hard to believe but it's looks really cool. Its not for everyone and I was a hater too when I first got it but I wouldn't have it any other way....I think it's because the red is on the dark side....blends right in.

I've got an Estoril Blue E39 M5(non factory paint) and this thing compliments it...nothing like having 2 very unique M cars. Certainly catches peoples attention.