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My friend uabimmer

You made me laugh. You being a post by saying:
enfield-i have realized that you are an angry lost man.
That is one heck of a way to make friends and influence people. I do not need to say much to you except that I would not call you an "angry lost man". I am sure you are at the cutting edge of being humble and nobody is more humble than you but just that statement makes you look Narcissistic. It sounds as though you know all the answers and you "know better". May I suggest that this is not the best way to influence people and make friends. Would Jesus approve of you being abusive?

Coming to Jesus. God did not send Jesus because Jesus does not exist and never existed.

I think that there was always something their - and there will always be something left after the Earth comes to an end because "matter and energy cannot be destroyed and they are inter-convertable". You can call this God if you wish.

You come across as quite "superior". Are you saying that I lack the cognitive abilities to understand the Old Testament? That is not very polite or nice.

I found this interesting site about the Bible and what it says. Look over it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are really busy then just look at this and answer: