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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
I am torn on what tire to order...

I read/heard great things about blizzaks from many car circles.

also hearing good things about performance winter tires as they call them

I will b commuting 100 miles round trip on the Garden state parkway, route 78 , and 24.

but generally my development doesnt always get plowed so i also have to consider making it to a main road first.
Winter tires make an enormous difference. I delayed putting snow tires on one season 10 years ago and tried to make it home from work during a snowstorm driving my 330Ci with Potenza Pole Positions on it. Didn't work so well. I got about two blocks from work, then couldn't move. I could only get a tiny bit of traction going in reverse, so I backed the car into a shopping center parking lot and left it there for the weekend.

I've tried a few brands so far:

Dunlop Winter Sports on the 330Ci and my former 545i--good snow and ice traction, and decent dry weather handling

Pirelli SottoZero 240s on my former E60 M5--good wintertime dry weather performance, but only so-so on snow and ice; better than all-seasons, but definitely not as confidence-inspiring as the Dunlops or Blizzaks

Pirelli Scorpion Snow and Ice on our Acura MDX--very good snow and ice traction, but lots of tread squirm and vagueness on the road when conditions dry (probably similar to the Blizzak WS series)

Bridgestone Blizzak LM60s on my current M3--great fit for the personality of the car; very good dry road performance, and also very good in the snow and ice

It sounds like you would do fine with a performance winter tire like the Blizzak LM60. The major highways and roads around here tend to get plowed pretty early, and it sounds like if it's a real disaster out there, you would be able to stay home anyway. If you believe the Farmers' Almanac, this year there will be pretty substantial snow accumulations. In any case, with dedicated winter tires, you'll be driving right around the yahoos in their "invincible" SUVs on all-seasons as they slide off the road...
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