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Originally Posted by k3silk View Post
I think I have got confused because I have been looking at multiple ways of doing this mod and I thought you did it the way that was first posted.
I thought you were talking about the ENTIRE black part. Yes, you have to cut the top part (just like pictures show), in order to mount the acrylic top like factory. I did this over 2 years ago, so don't remember exactly what I did, but I secured it somehow (probably glued it). For the acrylic top, I reused the adhesive pattern since it came out intact (that I remember ). And the LED being closer to the acrylic top made zero difference in my car; looks the same, and light is perfectly uniform.

Originally Posted by patroklai View Post
Anyway, would anyone be interested in buying mine? It has the OEM LED board and OEM 6-speed emblem in the top so it looks OEM.
Two things. Leather is indeed slightly different, but with the 'ring' separating boot from knob, you CANNOT tell the difference sitting in the car... unless you're really looking for a difference, AND under the right lighting. Even for my super anal standards, it's a non issue at all.
But if you want to sell it, put it on the classifieds and it'd sell in no time. Good luck either way.