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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Paddy, you're heel-and-toe practice sounds good. Do it on the street all the time, once you've developed confidence in your technique. By doing it all the time, you'll put the ball of your foot in the perfect positions all the time and it won't be a change in the heat of battle. On the street be smooth.

The most likely heel-and-toe downshift in AX is 3d to 2d, but the braking will be much harder than you should be doing on the street. A 3d gear straight is fast for AX and almost certainly will be followed by a relatively slow corner. Getting to where you can threshhold brake while heel-and-toeing will take a bit of practice.

You know, even after all the heel and to practice I did, there were only about 2-3 spots on the course I could actually do it. In the end I doubt I was even heel and toeing at all during runs cos I was spending so much time concentrating on the track. I'm hoping I can get to the point where h&t is natural, and I suspect, as you say, incorporating it into every single stop I make (on street) is the key. There's one corner on my route, offramp, into a 90 degree left (no stop sign) that requires pretty hard braking (speed limit plus alpha->20mph), that's the closest to autox on my "course". It's also the hardest corner for me because I haven't figured out the timing yet.

One question, is it better to downshift 4-3,3-2 as fast as possible just before the corner, or to go 4-3 continue braking then 3-2


as opposed to


BTW, I reset my mpg gauge before autox, at the end of the day my average was 9mpg