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Contradictory? The key word in my statement is "sometimes". That applies to negative thoughts one may have and probably best to not verbalize if one doesn't want those words to end up in a situation like this. I did not say "always". I think everyone here is smart enough to know what that statement means. There's no need to dissect it.

If you feel I'm being contradictory, go find amongst my 1700 posts a similar example to what radiant did. The delivery of his message did not come off as "he's sorry the car wasn't tracked" as he stated in his apology. If he had said that initially, I would not have jumped on this. Rather, his initial response came off as sounding like an ass IMO. Re-read it. In this case, the delivery of his message resulted in a perception that didn't match his intent. And when he took the time to go back through time to dig out quotes to support his case, it only added to the perception. I'm just standing up for what I think is right. i.e no need to bash the OP

And if you feel it's disappointing that you can only post positive comments, well you can post whatever you want. Likewise, I didn't agree with your comments and posted as such

Edit: here u go. Original post

Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
And never saw a single day at the track. Would have saved a bunch of money running the KW sleeve kit. It's crazy how much money people spend on "race parts" just to show it off and get "respect" on car forums. But whatever, I guess I'm just a hater.

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