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Why I am getting a new 135i

I thought I would have my 04 Subaru wrx for longer than its 30,000 miles life, until i was hit by a drunk driver not to long ago. It would have been a head on collition if I was not paying attention at the stop light. I just bearly got out of the way. As a sugestion to all to stop and put your car in first gear (if you dont) just in case as it definetly saved me some time getting out of the way.

It was totaled and so I went looking for a new car and fell in love with the new 1 series BMW. Great timing right? I did check out the new WRX and STI, but they have gone down hill since my 04. They skimped on quality inside in my opinion. Though I will say the STI looks nice from the outside, and they have gotten rid of the crapy blue interior.

I Ordered my 135i on April 11th. The dealer said I can look to get it in July or August at the latest. Cant wait till it comes in.

I have posted my pictures of my deceased WRX below.