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DPC can also work with RWD, not only with AWD. And can be applied to any BMW model!

Have you read: the system works like LSD!

Beside DPC another feature is coming: SCI (Selective Control Intervention) - it's a sub-feature of DSC.


Selective Control Intervention

The xDrive four-wheel drive system, DSC electronic control system and engine control through integrated chassis management are combined for fast distribution of the drive torque in the longitudinal direction.
Meanwhile, further development of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) has seen the introduction of Selective Control Intervention. During tight cornering it actively counteracts the tendency to understeer. This control intervention, which is also active when DSC is switched off, will initially be introduced from March 2007 in the four-wheel drive models of the new BMW 5-Series. Other models and model series from the BMW brand will follow.

If a vehicle tends to understeer when cornering, the current DSC system increases the braking pressure on the nearside rear wheel in order to generate a stabilizing yaw moment. That action remains identical on the new system, but now engine torque can now increased independently of the position of the accelerator. This can generate an additional stabilising torque of up to 500Nm.

The torque compensation when the engine is running at partial load contributes to increasing the precision of the steering manoeuvres, tracking stability and traction when cornering. This is because the system enables the car to respond faster to the course determined by the driver, and steering corrections are less frequently required. The vehicle follows the path of the curve at constant speed despite the stabilizing braking intervention.
So, when xDrive is combined with DPC & DSC + SCI features you get a Dynamic xDrive: system which is able to apply torque to any of four wheels variously & independently.

Something similar to Honda's SH-AWD system yet lighter, more advanced & more efficient.

PS: yes, X6 M is coming with S85 V10 engine, and "M xDrive" (upgraded Dynamic xDrive).