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Originally Posted by Tony B View Post
Absolutely agree with this.

With the V8 M3 it is not all about "how much" but "how". That exquisitely responsive engine with its superb range of noises (music would be a better word) can be out-performed by quite a few affordable cars, but they cannot better its feel and response.

People who are more interested in "how much" will be happy with the next generation turbo-charged car.

To me the real question is more if a supercharged S65 is a more fun engine to drive then the next turbo 6cyl with a tune will be, if they have about the same hp!! I love the torque of turbo engines but with AWD, not sure how much fun a 500+lb-ft torque RWD M3 would be. I just have a VT1-535 and I'm having a hard time not spinning everytime in 2nd gear with 295s AD08s. But I'm sure M engineers have tought of all that!!