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Originally Posted by ******* View Post
Ok, so here is the plan :

Today I signed up to private gym with pro trainer who will guide me through first 2 months of training and diet ( he will calculate it for me and prepare for me all the meals i need to eat and bring it to my work ), additionaly he will give me some supliments like Lcarnityne, HMB, Creatine.

Do you guys think this is good solution, its quite expensive but the guy promise me good progress, and he asked me that i want to burn fat and make sculpture fit body or gain mass and reduce some fat to look like a " big bad guy" .... Im still confused, andy advice to thiS ?
Its one method and certainly would yield good results he does infact know what he's doing. The only time id say its a waste is if you rely upon this from now onwards. What u need to be doing in the 2 months is understanding why he's doing what and the benefits of the composition / size of the diet. Eg someone mentioned interval training eArlier which is really good. Go try to understand why its good and how it benefits you. Its in the understanding of it all that you are are to do it by yourself so whilst your goal in the 2 months is to see physical results, your other and just as important goal is to get an understanding of it all! Once yo've got it and know what your body responds to best you'll be unstoppable. Just remember that its not always easy! Set realistic goals and dont be too disheartened if you miss it by a bit from time to time. Go positive and get to sweating!!