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Originally Posted by gaza01 View Post
limiting yourself you 1500 calories
Whilst the posters of this advice are correct in stating that your daily calories need to be limited, an arbitrary figure of 1500 may work for some but not for others. It is all dependent on the individual and his daily activities. A fairly active daily job could mean the individual needs more than 1500 calories but still allowing for weight loss.

He's a grown man, never would he be eating 1500 calories to cut weight (excluding contest prep, which he clearly is not doing). Suggesting that as a baseline is not good advice especially without knowing his height/weight.

only eating brown carbs
I never said ONLY. I said brown carbs are better - reason being is that they are slow releasing in energy. What you generally want to avoid is loading up your body with instant calories that your body only needs a portion of at the time. Also brown carbs are slower to digest hence keeping you fuller for longer. As I stated glycemic index is what you want to read up on!
Also the this same logic of not over loading in calories at any one point in time is what applies to the theory of small meals. Same overall amount of food consumed in a day BUT not to the point where your body has too much to deal with at a given point.

I bolded what I don't agree with. GI is debunked and you're just splitting hairs by worrying about it.

sugar turning to fat
Anything you eat (that provides you with calories) can and will be stored as fat if its eaten to the point where it is excess calories over and above your daily required calorie intake.

This is true, but your original post, "2) because they are purified they are absorbed instantly i.e. a mad rush of sugars to the blood with the excess being stored as fat" did not have any logic to it at all.

may be try actually offering advice and rationale rather than just pointing your nose in the air and criticising!

If you validated your earlier post with sources I would not have questioned the advice, however you just rattled off a bunch of debunked advice that has been proven to have no advantage in body composition.

I don't care if I come off as rude, people believe what they read on the internet and in this case, you're dealing with someone's well being.