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Originally Posted by geeslice
I used to sell men's shirt...

The reason you are having this problem can be attributed to two factors: fit and fabric.

For the fit I suggest you pick a brand that is known for more so a tailored fit. I would suggest you try Facconable, Zegna, Canali, or Hugo Boss. These are known to have more tailored fits that your typical dress shirt. You will need to try each on to see which fits your body type well. Wear dress paints and tuck it and and walk around a bit to see what it does and how it fits your body.

For fabric, it is usually lower thread-count or summer weight shirts that have this issue. If the fit issue doesn't help try a broadcloth or a high density pinpoint.

If you are still having issues Nordstrom does custom order shirts through Hickey Freeman and Robert Talbott. You will need to call the Men's Furnishings department and schedule an appointment for a fitting with their specialist. Please, don't just go in because there is special training necessary to do custom orders and there is usually only one or two people trained in it in the department. They will have a couple hundred color swatches sorted by type of fabric and color and/or pattern and the prices vary from about $150 to $500, with majority at $200. (This is based on my experience a year ago, so prices may have changed.)

If you need any more info or have questions, PM me.

Good info..thanks! Realize most people will not fork out 2-5 bills on a dress shirt alone.
Too many damn cars..