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Originally Posted by JOYRIIDE1113
exactly! I love to read about reports on steroid use. Most of the time they are wrong and over inflame it.

Steroids are illegal, yes, we know, but when reporters make it seem like they're these super acting drugs that change you in a days time and make you gain 50lbs in 3 weeks is halarious...

isn't 3 week cycles whats prescribed for pro-hormones. NOT steroids. You know, the stuff you used to be able to get at gnc or what not before it was banend months ago.
in all honesty, you won't get the monster gains from steroids alone... you still need the diet and training part... as far as the 3 week cycles, absolutly no fucking chance in hell....

yeah yeah steroids are abused etc etc.... but do we have to paint every fucking thing with a broad brush?

how come there's no massive outcry or bills being passed in regards to soccer moms abusing tylenol or other over the counter drugs?