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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
Meh, it is what it is... not everyone can afford a Rolex Daytona - and even if I personally could, I'd feel odd dropping that much on a watch. (and I'd probably go for a vintage Heuer or Speedy anyway)

Quite honestly, so long as the metals and leathers match your belt and shoes, that's more effort than most people put into dressing up anymore
Lol, I wear ripped jeans, t-shirt, and zip up hoodie. Only ways people can tell I have money is if they look at my wrist, cars I drive, or my boat. But walking down the street, you wouldn't look twice at me for my wardrobe. Stopped caring a few years back.

If I have to dress for an occasion however, I slip on a custom made suit and parades, then stand in front of my watch collection for 10 minutes trying to figure out the classiest watch for the occasion

I have my priorities. When I need to make an impression, I make it. Otherwise, it's a lot of work being high maintenance. I don't know how girls do it...