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Originally Posted by coldsmoothwildM3 View Post
prices are different because of different body styles, not the CF roof....that is the most retarded logic I have heard....apples to apples as someone mentioned before.....and yes the CF roof is free and that is something that really sets the coupe apart.....and I dont think that someone who bought the coupe would be willing to trade it in for a sedan unless there is a considerable amount of monetary (3 Gs?)compensation just for the chage in body style
Are you guys serious?? You're calling "MY" logic "retarted? ...and YOU say the CF roof is FREE? Nothing is free dude. It's $2500, and that is CHEAP for a CF roof!!!! $2500 is most likely "their" (BMW's) cost and that price is passed on to you. Why doesn't the price get lower if you del the CF roof you ask? Cause it's NOT an option, you're payin for it either way, so may as well get it.

Anyway, the cars are exactly the same except for the CF roof which adds $2500 to the price of the car. The CF roof comes standard. If the Sedan offered a CF roof as an option, it would add roughly $2500 to the price of the car, bringing it to exactly the price of the Coupe.
$59,625 Coupe
$57,175 Sedan (without Moonroof)
$58,225 Sedan (with Moonroof)

As a point of refference, here's a CF roof to go on an M3 CSL. $2900 is the price, and that my friends is AFTERMARKET!!

"Hey guys, I bought an M3 and they through in a CF roof, for FREE!!"
"Than why is it $2500 more than the Sedan that doesn't get a CF roof?"
"Err...uh.. ..cause it's a sedan"


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