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Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
///M cars are full of rattles, squeaks, and strange drivetrain noises if you come from a regular BMW or any other brand. There is so much going in an ///M car you will not know where to start. Get use to it. Enjoy the car.
I've had an intermitent ticking noise from the airvent, but it must be normal because my last E92 was the same. I kind of disgree with you though, BMW's shouldn't rattle at all when you pay that much for them and so much engineering and QC has gone into them. I drive rental toyotas and holdens and they rattle heaps, there's plastic everywhere.

Originally Posted by nez View Post
I have the same problem. Intermittent only. Not too fussed. Also getting peeling trim around the steering wheel and driver side window controls.
That peeling trim was an issue across the 3 series. The dealer should hopefully replace them gratis for you as it is a well known issue. I think in my last E92, they replaced the entire passenger armrest but repainted the drivers handle, all on warranty.