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Summer group buy 5/15/19

Here we are once again..
Alex at Alpine is offering their tune at $499 for 25 members. This will fill up quickly like it has many times before.

I consider Alex a friend and a friend to the community. I want to remind others that Alex was a sponsor on our 2nd Annual Tail of the Dragon run. But I also want to let you guys know that Alex has authorized me to start up a group buy on his Stage 1 and Stage 2 ECU tunes (you can request as many files/configurations you like to flash in, including stage 1 & 2).

His normal pricing is $620 so it's certainly a nice savings on an already low pricing structure in comparison to other tuners tunes offered.
Either post here or PM me so that I can give you the group buy code. Also if you have DCT, don't forget to order the GTS DCT tune, it's well worth the few bucks.

List of members in group buy
1. Johal E32 paid X
2. Virendra7 paid X
3. apecush paid X
4. eriktufa paid x
5. jumpman86 paid
6. whack6 paidX
7. Dagamus_NM paid X
8. slow4dr paid x
9. Antimolo1 paid X
10. Shankopotomus paid
11. pmc213 paid X
12 whyte dynamite paid
13 AwsoM3 paid
14 HunterLee PAIDX
15 Feel_So_EmThree paid X
16 Mikla paid X
17 njdctm3 paid x
18 audiogolf paid
19 RamosM3 paid
20 M3SA1993 paid
21 M3an.e92 paid X
22 donnyblaze1 paid X
23 TheEnrique paid X
24 bruinj26 paid x
25 btrung paid x
26 Alexand3r x paid
27 zachariah33 paid X
28 like2short paid x
29 BP709 paid x
30 Absorber paid x

Normal tune price is $620, group buy price is [COLOR="Red"]$499 shipped in the US[/COLOR].

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="Blue"]Cable & Software:[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • Updating factory motor software to the latest version for the life of the vehicle (currently on 241E.)
  • Switching between multiple tuning maps with multiple different tuning options. 7min per map switch.
  • Returning to stock at any time.
  • Valet mode flash, red line is reduced to 4000RPM with limited power & protection for low octane fuels.
  • Diagnosis, the ability to read fault codes from the motor (with description) & clear fault codes on your windows laptop.
  • Clear Adaptions.
  • ECU recovery for crashed ECUs.

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="Blue"]Tuning features/options:[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • – Optimized torque levels/management
  • – Optimization of vanos
  • – Optimized throttle control for non-sport & sport mode (M Mode)
  • – Servotronics (steering) tuning stiffer steering for better control. (Optional for both sport (m mode) & non sport modes.
  • – Raised RPM Limiter (optional)
  • – Speed Limit delete (optional)
  • – Cold Start Delete (optional)
  • – Launch control for manual transmission vehicles (optional)
  • – Ignition timing optimized for octane of fuel (90, 91, 93, 100 and more)
  • – Exhaust Burble/Flames (Optional)

Dyno and run


Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Did another accel test 0-60 mph with the Alpine tune. Got a bad start but still managed to gain one-tenth over my best stock 0-60 run.

If you compare the graphs, my car is accelerating quite a bit harder on the top end with the Alpine Stg 1 tune.

Not an apples to apples test as my car is now heavier and with more unsprung the accel results could be even better.

0-60 mph 4.228 stock with Borla cat back

0-60 mph 4.145 Alpine Stg 1 tune, larger 255/275 tires and heavier brakes AND with the stock exhaust.

Conditions / density altitude were the same and launch technique same (MDM on no launch control just floor it from a dead stop).

Tune is working nicely.


Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
just got my dyno done today, been driving around with this tune for about 1000 miles
I live in Washington and occasional drive down to CA so Alex gave me 3 octane files for 91, 92, 93. WA has 92
Good numbers IMO, the only thing that has changed from the first to last dyno pull is adding the tune.
Everything else is a stock intake, OEM filter, stock exhaust except iPE F1 muffler
318 to 342 HP
241 to 254 torque


Originally Posted by HolyChitMeng View Post
Hahahahaha, it was a fun time. The map I have is perfect for me.
Everyone requesting Videos, I just posted one.

I have crazier videos just have to upload them.

I'll PM you!

This is a true fact. Alex is amazing at what he does. I wouldn't go to anyone else.
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