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I can't keep my mouth shut. We need both Cops and Doctors! Each of them save lives. Both jobs are very tough. We need to show both of them respect and while I'm at it this really goes for everyone.

Sure there are arrogant cops (the God complex/short penis complex/whatever) and there are arrogant doctors. The most arrogant are politicians, but don't get me started. Sometimes the doctor needs to get to the hospital promptly. Sometimes the speed limits are unrealistic. But cops need to do their job. They can use their discretion one way or the other and sometimes their decision may not be the best. And many times those decisions need to made in a split second whereas in court they will debate this decision for days. And the same goes for the doctor -- a person may die if she/he doesn't make it on time, but then again, many more could die if there were an accident along the way. There are no simple answers. Life happens.

We can surely make the situation better. Say, give cops a flashy light that they can magnetically stick to the top of their car for example. In any case, making things better is all of our responsibilities. If we just call each other names we're being counter productive. Talk to your lawmakers to fix it if you feel this is a problem.

Cops: user your discretion wisely. I suppose discretion grows from experience so be careful, learn from the older more experienced in the force. And stay safe.

Doctors: if you get a ticket still treat the cop with the respect he has is due. He may not have had the extensive education that you have, but his life is in greater danger doing his job than you are doing yours (generally speaking). That's got to be worth respect right there.

Cheers everyone. (Just don't drive afterwards.)

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