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Originally Posted by smokinjoe64 View Post
Okay, why is everyone so high on V1?
Considering:[*]X-band invalid in US
No, X-band is still being used. Try NJ, or the many other smaller municipalities that still use the older radar guns.

Originally Posted by smokinjoe64 View Post
[*]lean on features
Like direction arrows? Or forward and backward facing antenna? Or the best linear ramp up of any detector? Or the bogey counter? Or the fact that it is the best at ferreting out the most dangerous form of radar -- quick trigger? What features would you like to see that are really worth the extra price and distraction?

Originally Posted by smokinjoe64 View Post
[*]practically no user settings (i.e. automute)
There are plenty of user settings if you want to wade through the documentation. However, you are not advised to make any changes without really thinking hard about it and then only if you have several hours under your belt actually using the V1.

Originally Posted by smokinjoe64 View Post
[*]highly prone to false alarms
Not much more than others. Some detectors use GPS to lockout constant bogeys (like grocery store door auto openers). In theory. In practice it doesn't work so well, gives you false sense of security which can lead to a ticket.

Originally Posted by smokinjoe64 View Post
[*]1990's technology based
The V1 is constantly upgraded. Just because it uses the same case does not mean the electronics and programming are not state of the art. Plus, you can upgrade to the latest version for less than buying a new V1.

Originally Posted by smokinjoe64 View Post
Not trying invoke any wrath, just would like some good insight...
I hope I've provided insight. There are other very good detectors in its class. I won't say that the V1 beats them. In many respects its personal preference. The V1, Escort 9500* series, and the Bel STI are the top of the line. They all have a 30 day warranty. Buy each, try them for thirty days, then return the ones you don't want.

My decision was based on the fact that I've been a long time V1 user and can't do without the arrows. Falsing is no problem for me. If want bells and whistles there are third-party options but I haven't felt the need.


P.S. I you drive in VA or DC then get one of the "Spectre undetectable" units: the STI or one of the 9500's. And don't forget about the Escort Redline which competes favorably with the V1 (but give it a few months so all the bugs are worked out). The same goes if you're a commercial driver.

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