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Originally Posted by itz16v View Post
+1 BS

Next time don't say anything and accept the ticket like everyone else you know you broke the law.
Well that would just be stupid! Although, you do have a point, and I have done that while traveling out of state. In some states, its truly not even worth bringing up (MO).

I Knew this was going to blow up on me, and you all have expressed differing opinions respectfully, except for Kev who has to count the number of letters after his name and make sure everyone knows it.

I am not saying that there shouldn't be courtesy for medical professionals, nor am I saying that there aren't perks to every job. Docs do an often thankless job, and with our overly litigious society, they get sued as much or more than the cops.

Ultimately, I am a car enthusiast just like everyone else here, and I have found that car guys (and girls) are the same everywhere. Even over seas, with a language barrier, enthusiasts will try and communicate! Yes, I open up my car every now and then. I have said that time and again, and I have also said that I will usually give breaks on minor speeding violations, especially to car enthusiasts.

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Thickness feels good to me and my hands aren't that big.