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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
So Nurburgring lap times don't mean anything to you because the 335 is a whopping 21 seconds slower?? I am sure it must be if the M3 was only 2 seconds quicker stock vs stock. Almost the case of envy and "grapes are sour". It is always considered the benchmark when measuring performance prowess since it is the most difficult race track in the world. Look at Porsche for 911, R35 GT-R by Nissan and other manufacturers always quoting Nurburgring laptimes to publicize and prove how good the performance is of their 911, GT-R or whatever.

Sorry, I have to call BS that based on your "butt dyno" your buddy's 335 with a couple of small mods without even a diff can outhandle a stock M3 that has a completely different suspension that shares almost nothing with the 335 and amazing diff with it that could not even be matched by a completely modded Dinan Stage 3 335 around a race track. Sorry!

no it really doesnt, according to all the times that must be a gtr is a better car then a gt3 then right, or even a porsche turbo? So that means youll buy a gtr rather then a turbo or a gt3? Your such a joke, you wont even be able to drive anywhere in the USA at the limit of the N track, so what does it matter? If it makes you feel better then ah sure why not...Me im different i rather look at the whole package. If you are so considered about track track track, then please go ahead and buy your self a z06 and call it quits. You can call BS all you want, truth is truth. Once again i dont know why you are even talking about 21 seconds at the N. We are not comparing a stock 335 are we? You must be the king of BS, afterall your zhp is not much slower then a e46 m3 right lol. Or wait a stock 335 isnt much slower then a e92 m3 too right? LMFAO....wrong

Like i said, go to spend a little time, dinan mods are BS, if you are after performance. Im heavily involved in the 335 scene, and own a modded 335, and ive owned a very modded zhp(want some piks? ill show you). Or search bmw3series on e46 fanatics...youll see my m3 there also..

I guess what im trying to say is OBVIOUSLY the m3 is a better car, however dont ever lower the 335, its one amazing car, ive owned 5 bmws, and truly its a beautiful car in every aspect.