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Originally Posted by imballin2day View Post
This thing is really getting out of hand. Its really not fair in comparing a modified car to a stock car. You say those $800 mods will beat an M. Ok. How about the M gets an ecu tune for itself and then lets see how it holds up. Please lets not forget the video Sticky made a while back when the guy thought his ecu tuned 335 was the fastest thing ever. If you wanna see it look here.

Im not trying to start a war, but M3>335 ANY DAY.

Its like saying c350 is better than an c63 amg.

C350 vs C63 AMG is not a good example since the power difference is way too significant. Plus, it is NA vs NA, no comparison there. I work at a MB dealership and it is night and day between the two.

I believe M > 335 anytime but I was wondering what is the differences thats since 335 may have more potential for mods. That's why I started this thread and see how you feels about it. I didnt mean to start a war or anything.