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SC w NO CATS and AFR gauge


So after a week of install I finally received my vehicle back with needed new power! I am very happy about this but have not tested its true capabilities. My questions are for those that are SCed and are running a no car setup and have used one of the secondary O2 sensors (bank 1) for the AFR, did you get an increased emissions or service engine soon light come on even with the necessary software specs in place?

If so how did you go about removing this light? I have been running a Dinan mid pipe for almost 3 years and the primary function of the their stage 2 software was to not have this light come on.

The code that comes up is in fact that sensor for bank 1, which where we put the AFR to read into the gauge of the inside.

Why is this all of a sudden now an issue? I have VF looking into it, but it seems like this should be something relatively harmless and the vehicle is 2010 E90 so it's not as though this is a brand new car.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice on this. I would like to not go as far as wielding a bung (spelling sorry) and hope is a simple fix.