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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
OEM Front Rotor ____Brembo ______StopTech
26.6 Lbs ___________24.8 Lbs ____22.01 Lbs

OEM Front Calipers _Brembo ______StopTech
15.2 Lbs ___________13.0 Lbs ____13.11 Lbs

OEM Rear Rotor _____Brembo ______StopTech
22.8 Lbs ___________17.0 Lbs ____19.33 Lbs

OEM Rear Calipers __Brembo ______StopTech
12.1 Lbs ___________9.6 Lbs _____11.145 Lbs

OEM Weight Front ___Brembo ______StopTech
41.8 Lbs ___________37.8 Lbs ____35.12 Lbs

OEM Weight Rear ____Brembo ______StopTech
34.9 Lbs ___________26.6 Lbs ____30.475 Lbs

OEM Total Weight ___Brembo ______StopTech
76.7 Lbs ___________64.4 Lbs ____65.595 Lbs
There is one thing that needs to be pointed out with this list that the Stoptech caliper weights listed above include the pads and bracket. I know the weights that OC Kid provided were without the pads but I don't know if the bracket was included. Overall, I think the weight savings is about equal, maybe slight edge to Stoptech because the pads for the Brembos are surely more than 2 pounds, but the difference is trivial. Stoptech uses a smaller rotor in the back and both rotors are thicker overall.

Stoptech 380x35 (F) 355x32 (R)
Brembo 380x34 (F) 380x28 (R)