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Originally Posted by Eazy-e View Post
You're right, they said they only have 3 of them right now and they will be 25k over the sticker price. I said I don't even want to hear that, blah blah blah. He said once they bring more in he will give me a "call" or "email" and will sell one to me at sticker. Are these guys putting me on?
Well, it's really difficult to force them to sell you the car NOW at the MRSP unless you have a legal document that says so.

My advice is that you start looking in other dealers and see where they have open spots. You will eventually find one, and then just tell them you want your money back because another dealer is selling you the car for MRSP and they are receiving orders. If they say "no", then take your money to another place.

If you don't push you can forget about it. Unless you want to wait until they get bored of waiting for someone to pay for that premium, you need to be on top.