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eclipsisNA Detailed | Restoring Jerez Black - Part II

My favorite client to work with is someone that is genuinely excited about seeing their car after I've completed a paint correction. This client in particular had very high hopes for a car he recently purchased that was severely neglected by its previous owner. The entire car had intense swirling and holograms created by another detailer.

This detail let me try out a tool I hobbled together to help facilitate multiple fixed measurement points for my paint depth gauge. Prior to this, I had always measured paint by locations marked with a single laser point. The inherit problem in this practice is that I wouldn't know whether the amount of paint I was removing was uniform across the entire panel measured by the single point. The solution was to somehow split the laser's beam into multiple paths to create a grid. A grid would allow me track the amount of paint removed across an entire panel. The grid was created by gluing a piece of diffraction grating to a laser pointer with a toggle switch.

This is after 56 hours of work spread out over 6 days.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lenses: Tamron 24-70 VC, Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS II
Trigger system: Odin Phottix

Dull, faded paint at delivery

Thick brake dust on wheel's barrel

Clay bar after wheel was decontaminated

After decontamination

Heavy swirling on reverse light

Reverse light after polishing

Side vent removed for polishing

Side vent after polishing

Passenger side pillar before polishing

Passenger side pillar after polishing

Available in 720p & 1080p

Holograms and swirls on hood

Hood after polishing

Swirled and faded front-end

Front-end after paint correction and application of Chemical Guys J97

Tripod-mounted diffraction laser

Multiple measuring points are created on driver side door by diffraction grating

Measuring grid points w/ paint depth gauge (available in 720p & 1080p)

Buffer trails and swirls on driver side door

Driver side door after polishing

Left side of driver side door before polishing, right side after polishing