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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
Just got back from a good weekend at thunderhill. Nice meeting Derek who was flying in his Z4.
Edit: I just discovered that porterfield messed up yet another brake order and I was running HT-10's on the front and DTC 70's in the rear. Can you say locked rear brakes?

Track/Course: thunderhill
Best Lap Time: 2:01.6
Brake Pads: hawk (HT-10F, DTC-70R)
Tires: 275 hankook c51
Suspension: ast 4200

Originally Posted by DerekSelmanRacing View Post
Hey it was nice meeting you too! Can't wait until we get the E90 and to prove mastek wrong.

Track/Course: Thunderhill
Best Time: 2.05.2
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lol -- its not me u have to prove wrong -- its all the e36/e46 BMWCCA and NASA GTS guys that are pounding around Thunderhill at 1:55

We had a potential e90m3 project last winter that we calculated at 2800 lbs potential (400 whp) .. at those numbers -- I am sure the e90/e92 can be competitive. Just have to bring that weight down.

I was initially going for an e90 (WTCC 320si Copy) build (2600+ lbs) with Standalone on an S65 and Sequential Tranny. But we decided to go with an e36m3 Widebody PTG copy (2400 lbs) and look at a stroked S54 (same hp/tq as S65 at 50% of the cost).
We will have both our race cars (2900lbs e36m3 w S54 300whp and 2400 lbs Widebody e36m3 with 250 whp) at Infineon/Sears Point in June (NASA) -- hope to meet u guys there and argue in-person - lol

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