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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
Power to weight is one thing - carrying speed through corners can only be accomplished through LESS weight.
So a lighter car with the same power-to-weight ratio will get a better lap time then a heavier car with the same power-to-weight ratio.
Spec Miatas can be 2000 or 2300 lbs. It doesn't matter to my point... you can't compare this to a 3800 lbs car

A susepnsion modded e46m3 is faster around most any road course then a same suspension modded e9xm3 (except a 12 mile variable like the Nordschleife)

My OE e90m3 was at 3630 without fuel and driver = so that's OVER 3800 lbs. STOCK
I modded my car with what's in the sig down to 3450 and I can tell you that 200 lbs in this car, with this kind of inertia, on these road courses, makes only 1-2 seconds difference in lap times.
So I will repeat, NO ONE has done under 1.50 with an OE e9xm3 at Infineon/Sears Point with the full carousel. And no one will (unless they strip the car to a race car).

Since you have one - and you have w2w experience - what kind of lap times have you acieved with yur e9xm3?
Not sure why you keep saying that an e90 M3 is slower than miata's and prev gen M3's. A good time for a spec miata around infineon is 1:56, which I've done in my bone stock M3 with only NT01's. I'm not arguing that weight is the enemy, but our cars counter the weight of the miata with bigger tires and gobs more HP.

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