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Originally Posted by davesaddiction View Post
Pretty sure the article I'm referencing also said that the F30 would most likely lose to the E90 in a heads-up comparison.
I love that one.

Sure it would. They did not have the cars in front of them to compare, so such a statement is just shooting the shit.

The 328 may have been knocked by the ATS in terms of handling and steering, but it still WON over the ATS, it still won the 8 car shoot out against all the entry level cars, it's doing great. The F30 335 though, it is having a harder time against the competition, losing to the ATS 3.6, the S4, and now the new IS350.

The cars are a recipe, and the E90 gets a bit more seasoning in the steering feel and handling department-that is a fact I have felt first hand.

But this idea, that E90's from years ago will step up to IMPROVED competition and win in place of the F30 is comical.

See it will get an extra point or two for steering or handling, then loose points for comfort, trunk size, rear seat legroom fuel economy, acceleration(328). The 335 F30 lost to the new IS by one point. So the E90 would lose, but just from a different column.

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