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Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
But they are big, black, scary & make me emotional!!
Lol. I know it right. Its a sad fact that most people who are advocates for the banning of so called "assault rifle" know almost nothing about them. I cannot count the number of times I have heard "citizens do not need automatics!" Really....? I wish people would do more research. Ar-15s, sks, and ak-47 are ALL used for hunting and are NOT machine guns. In caswe you do not know a machine gun is a fully automatic gun. The 5.56x45 cartridge an ar shoots is probably the weakest rifle cartridge in existence. Your standard 30-06 or .308 deer rifles can be far more devestating.
Take a guy with two Glock 19s who is a decent shot from either hand and he can put rounds out faster than an ar or an ak.
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