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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium
I don't think you are getting fanboy responses... but I totally get that you are annoyed at the situation - I would be fucking annoyed too - no doubt. But to say to never buy a german made car again is obviously silly; remember when Toyota had all those issues, one of the worst fuck-ups in automotive history besides the Audi disaster in the late 80's.

All I'm saying is that overall the M3 is a very reliable car, probably just as reliable as the trusty 328 workhorse. If the M models were all crap nobody would buy them anymore... plenty of other great options out there.

What you have is a shitty M3 - no question. Probably a step away of being a lemon, and that happens with every car manufacture around the world with any models out there.

What you are dealing with is unacceptable, and I totally agree, that you should expect better from a $80K car. Folks that buy a $200K Ferrari will have issues, and folks that buy a $50 Lexus will have issues, and the dude that bought the $13K Kia might be lucky will never have to visit the shop, it all comes down to luck in the end.

Having said all of this, If I'd be in your shoes I'd probably be done with the M3 as well.
Well said. No Doubt I lucked out in this case too, sigh.

Good thing the car is under warranty until late 2014, I'm just going to enjoy it until then, then flip!

Thanks guys for opinions aplenty.