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Originally Posted by GrussGott
Originally Posted by FairladyZ View Post
Not sure if trolling

But I am seriously considering a JDM for my next car. YES I read Autoblog and am aware that every auto maker is recalling cars every single day.

It's truly disappointing.
It's not trolling - he's giving you good advice. I know you're upset but, really, it's your own fault. Think about it for a moment: you're buying cutting edge technology across all fronts - that's why it's expensive dude!

Granted, to Team Pluto's point, these cars are pretty fracking reliable given how much tech is baked into them.

But back to the main point: you're not paying top dollar for reliability! If you thought you were then you seriously fail to understand what a high performance car is. By the very definition it means "not normal". And not-normal is going to mean problems.

So that's the deal. you PAID FOR RISK. your $80 was used to buy risk and BMW is making it easier to handle by lots of testing and a warranty but it's still shiz-load of risk.

If you don't have the stomach for the risk, buy a toyota or a honda or whatever is on top of the reliability list if only as a second car to cover yourself.

I don't mess with mods that touch my primary cats or engine software because I don't have cajones for the risk. I'm real comfy with that choice.

High performance cars likely aren't for you just like mods aren't for me.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.
So by your theory:

1) High performance cars are prone to have issues left and right BY DEFINITION. That includes feats such as R8, C63 Black Series, ZR1 and LP560-4. Those who buy these cars should simply keep their mouths shut and suck it up if their 100K or even 200K rides break down because they combine all the cutting edge tech.

2) BMW is not to be blamed for making 335i with unreliable N54 mills, or M3 with cow bells because guess what, buyers of these machines don't care much about reliability at all whatsoever.

Are you listening to yourself?