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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
LOL - just saw this. What the..? What's with the drive-by hating?

I was driving a brand stinking new 335i like I had just ripped it off. I mean the car was not even broken in and I was already ignoring the top speed limit outright, and not doing well at keeping the within the 4500RPM rev limit either. Not to mention it was a new car and a very different feel from what I was used to with my M3.

Anyway, whatever, it was a great time!
HAHAH don't worry about it man. It's just most people that haven't spent much time in Italy and Germany don't get how they drive. And if you were tryin to take it easy on your brand new ride I understand completely. I saw a Z3M Coupe on the autobahn when I was breaking in my ride and it wanted to race...I respecfully declined. Had it been after my 1200 mi service on the other hand...

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