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My opinions/sprinkled with fact:

Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans was a terrible tragedy

Government at all levels failed to protect their people/our citizens

Government is slow and ineffective (at all levels)

The disaster playbook was modeled after Florida hurricane relief playbook - i.e. Wait for storm to pass, go in and assess damage, provide level aid as required. Katrina and New Orleans was very different due to levee breakage.

Levee may of made it, except a barge and numerous other man made objects hit it - breaking it apart. Remember - it broke AFTER the hurricane went through

Some people did not want to be "saved" and resisted being forcibly removed from the area

Private charities in general make better use of funds to contribute aid and provide assistance

That being said, the relief/charity effort is still relatively inefective.

Local and state government were to blame for complete loss of civil services

Loss of civil services allowed a "Lord of the Flies" to take rule

Media always has a tendency to overhype stuff to provide the best sound bite.

Media will seize the biggest story of the day and play it ad nauseum to provide/make a political point

If there is no earth shattering (or at least city shattering news) to be reported. News of a missing white female will enrapture most audiences, especially if she has a cheating husband.

The poor are the most mis-informed.

The mis-informed do not take action to save themselves PRIOR to the tragedy

The poor get the slowest response for aid DURING and AFTER any tragedy(i.e. Kansas city is not poor, but compare the aid to the 9/11 victims (rich wall streeters) to the aid recieved by families in the KC bombing (middle class government workers) in both government and private aid received from victim's families)

Its not about race per se, its about class/income levels

There are more poor that lived in the downtown/sub sea level New orleans area

The poor in that area tended to be black or recent immigrants

Bush is a bright moron

He is in his last term

Both republicans and democrats would of been affected by the same tragedy with the same results

Hindsight is always 20/20

Blaming others is half of what politics is about (maybe more)

Lastly - France and other countires have similar problems. i.e. look at the race/class riots in Paris now.
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