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Originally Posted by stooken View Post
well maybe if you didn't pinstripe the car and add rims because YOU couldn't stand the current look of it, she would've appreciated it more.

im jk!
Hey, you're probably more right than I care to admit.

But actually, when we bought this car two years ago, we both wanted either the blue or red one. But, they were really scarce back then and all they had for 2 months was a white one. I took one look at it and said, "This thing needs serious help. It looks like an ice cream truck".

At the time, I had AR1's on my (current) car and I said "Hey, a new set of rims would make it look better", pointing to my car, and she agreed ...but told me not to do it. Buuuuut I figured the statute of limitations ran out on that decree a while back. I think I may have been mistaken.

Hey, they were cheap...and that's what EBay is for, right?
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