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It'll work fine. R26 and R40 only difference is how long the nut is. Threaded portion is the same, the R40 just comes with a blank non-threaded area on the inside which is where the stud is longer than on the R26. Now, difference between R40 Revo between both of those other ones is that Revo can come open or closed ended if you remove the plastic caps on them, but the Revo has a metal ring on the inside which holds the plastic closed end conversion caps in, and extended studs will bottom out on that (personal experience, tried them on 75mm studs) and you'll never be able to thread the lug nuts on. So, if you think about it, technically they can't ever really be used as an open ended lug nut.

Just remember that you probably can't go more than 5mm spacer on a 75mm stud. I have some lugs that are the exact same size as R26's, and with a 5mm spacer it looks like my stud is about flush with the lug nut opening, which means I'm probably getting a little close to a comfortable minimum thread engagement with those spacers on.