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Gawd, that sucks. Thieves are true vermin. I'm lucky that my bike is in my office with me, so I don't have to worry. But my very first 10-speed I had as a kid got stolen and I'll never forget the anger I felt when that happened.

I ride Treks as well. I have a Crossrip 1 with Schwalbe G-One tires that's my gravel bike, and a Domane SL7 for pure road. Been considering some sort of off-road/MTB bike, but I'm not sure that type of riding is for me.

I run Garmin computers. What works for you is all dependent on what data you need and whether you need a touch screen or not. I jumped from the Edge 520 to the Edge 1000 simply because my aging eyes can see the Edge 1000 screen better. Otherwise they perform the same functions, more or less. I wear a Garmin watch and have Garmin lights, so the integration of all those is nice.

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