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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
-3.5ish up front and 38psi hot. I might dial it back a bit but I need to start taking tire temps. I'm thinking a lot of that wear on the inside is from the street miles. I usually run toe out for my track settings but the guy who aligned insisted on no toe. Do if I go to street camber I'll have a lot of toe in. Honestly, the car was much better on turn in with a little toe out.

I might have gotten one more day out of them if I had less camber on the street.
If you're running anything but 0 toe with that camber you'll see a lot more wear while driving on the street. If your alignment tech is willing to work with you, you could set your toe to your track specs and mark the camber plates to the camber you'd have to adjust to to get zero toe for the street. Then you'd just adjust the camber back and forth. Perhaps easier said than done.