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I lease as I am able to take advantage of the tax incentives to leasing. Also, you do build equity with a lease, it depends on how the lease is structured. If you get a lease with a low residual, you will build equity faster than a lease with a high residual.

A footnote, my 2 previous E46 M3's at the end of my lease I sold the car and didn't turn it in. My 01 M3 I walked away with almost $6k, while my 04 M3 close to $9k.

M3s hold their value well and most companies set the residual low on these cars as they don't want them back (most high performance cars). So if you get into a lease with a great money factor and low residual in many ways it can be equitable to purchasing the car but with the tax advantage if you are able to take advantage of the write off.

Another advantage to leasing is the fact most lease companies have gap insurance, meaning if the is worth less than what is owed that is the leasing companies problem. Not to mention if you purchased a car, it is totalled 3 years into the 5 yr. payment plan you are going to be hurting. With a lease if the car is damaged in a car accident, I just finish the lease and run away.

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